About Yacht Sharing

Yacht sharing, also known as Fractional yacht ownership, is fast becoming recognised as a logical way both financially and psychologically to own a yacht.  The majority of people wishing to share a yacht are interested in an easily managed family cruiser at a realistic budget.

This type of ownership should not be confused with “Time share”. The yachts we sell are jointly owned by the various owners and are managed by the owners without any outside interference from a management company.

The advantages of sharing are mostly obvious:

  •  Larger and/or newer boat for the same budget.
  •  Allows smaller budget purchasers to get afloat.
  •  Makes the ever rising costs of moorings and marinas affordable.
  •  Prevents the boat being under utilised.
  •  Can allow the ownership of a variety of boats in different areas.
  •  More extensive cruising with between-holiday changeovers at remote locations.
  •  New capital equipment purchases for the boat become affordable allowing better equipment and often a safer boat.
  •  Can allow professional maintenance to be used at a price which is comfortable, allowing the busier owner more freedom.
  •  Removes owners “guilt” – all those boats in their marina berths going nowhere.

Many share owners find that they sail more when they own a share than when they own the whole boat – the tendency is to reserve allocated time from other social/family events and to sail. On other weekends other family/social events take priority.

Yacht Shares can be in any size or form but are typically quarters, thirds or halves in the UK and quarters or fifths overseas.

If the share agreement is correctly drawn up there should not be a problem in having unequal shares.

In the case of both the formation of a new group and the first division of a yacht, we will supply a share agreement and will work with the existing and new owners to adapt this to a useful document for their group.

The success of a group largely depends upon the personal compatibility of the various owners and their mutual respect for each other and the care of the boat. It is not important to be best of friends, good business colleagues is the best relationship

Wherever possible we try to group owners who have differing time requirements for the boat and who have similar desires from the boat. We do not usually involve ourselves in racing syndicates as we have no experience of the demands and costs associated with serious racing. We would not usually recommend a ownership with a mix of serious racing and non racing owners.